WordPress lets me edit your comments. It does not let you edit or delete them once they are posted to my blog.

You do not have to visit my blog, but I do have to read your comments so here’s the way this is going to work. I enjoy comments and welcome them, even from my critics provided they are respectful and not phrased in a way that is upsetting or offensive to me or my intended audience (adult adoptees). However, there are certain circumstances in which comments may be deleted or edited.

If your comment is well intentioned but contains text that is triggering to me or my readers, either due to the literal meaning or the way it is phrased, I will perform a benevolent edit on it to remove the problematic text and replace it with a note explaining why I did so. Adoptees come here for support (even the rather wicked comedy we have here from time to time is a type of support) and they really don’t need to deal with things that might set them off.

If your comment lacks any actual content or value, like “Great post!” and it’s in my moderation queue because you’ve never posted to my blog before, I will treat your comment like spam and delete it. If it’s a borderline case where I suspect you may be posting just to get out of my moderation queue, I will approve your comment but add you to the mod filter until I see something with actual content from you. This only applies to n00bz. Basically this is just a way to keep spambots and other undesirables from bypassing my mod queue.

If I think your comment was hateful, malicious and/or deliberately triggering, I will edit your comment in such a way as to make a complete mockery of you. WordPress does not let you delete the comments you post to other people’s blogs so please don’t be stupid and try to insult me this way. If you are the type of person who would do something like that then I definitely don’t care what you think anyway and all you’ll do is give me and my readers is a cheap laugh at your own expense. Note: Apparently some people think they can have a dialogue with me this way, but once you’re on my shit list for this I won’t read more than the first couple words of any subsequent comments. Jeeze, people, if you don’t like my blog then just don’t read it.

I read all my comments but I’m not as good about responding to them as I would like to be. However, I really do enjoy and appreciate most of the comments that have been left and I want to thank all of you who have paid me compliments. Your support and encouragement mean a great deal to me. Thank you!

–The Management


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