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I’m writing because I feel like something needs to be written here. I feel like I can’t leave things in their current state, with my previous entry at the top of my blog. It’s not that I’m ashamed of it or am disowning it. I still feel the same way about forums, even though I’m really not mad at the people involved. At least, not anymore.

I was mad at Joy. I felt like I had been kicked, hard. I did not contact her and ask, “Did you just kick me, hard?” I didn’t even think about it and I don’t know why I would have, it seemed plain as day to me. But I think it’s getting worked out now. I’ve cancelled the flaming bag of poop scheduled for her doorstep.

I was never mad at any of the other people involved in that thread on AAAFC. But it is really starting to become clear that there are many ways in which I can’t relate to them. I don’t think it’s because they’re bad or I’m bad. I like them, which just makes this harder. I have some theories about this and I will write about it some other day.